Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals with varying professional backgrounds, degreed men and women with an education background in social work or health. We also have consulting volunteers with expertise whose impact on skill and knowledge development touches the core of the organization’s excellence in service provision. These experts mentor and encourage our local staff towards attaining desired international standards.  We also rely on a key team of trained volunteers who work alongside of our full-time staff, assisting in various duties.  Our team can be subdivided into three subgroups:

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is engaged in program development, vision casting, supervision, resourcing, communications, and ongoing professional training.  The team is comprised of administrative staff and consultants who proactively work toward the enhancement of the organization and its endeavors.  It also continually works with the donor community, partners in our work, and appropriate government officials to maintain and develop the quality of the programming and its impact in community.

Cognitive Developmental Delays Team

their primary focus is on teaching and providing therapy throughout our morning program which dynamically engages with children on the Autism Spectrum, kids with Downs Syndrome, and other Developmental Disabilities.  Following the SCERTS model, the morning team works cooperatively to implement individual educational plans (IEP) for each child.  They work one on one and in small groups.  Members of this team implement best practices to ensure progress and encouragement for each child.  This is a cohesive unit who leverage their many years of experience.

Physical Developmental Delays Team

Emphasizing the UBUNTU model of assisting children with physical disabilities and engaging parents in best practices so as to know how to be of best assistance at home with their child.  There is also a focus on nutrition, measuring growth and health.  Physical therapy is a regular part of the afternoon programming and as well as the availability of specialized equipment to assist in the comfort and strengthening of each child.  Nurses are present during the afternoon program to assure quality care and in directing the focus of the program each day.

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Educational Specialist
Physical Disabilities Training Coordinator

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