Competency Center

One of the primary roles of Ubad Gargaar is administering  a Center where programming for Special Needs children and families is implemented.  However, beyond the actual services provide for children and families, there is an educational component which addresses two felt needs within our context.

  1. To test the latest best practices developed by professionals all over the world, implementing new methods and paradigms into our programming as a means of determining their effectiveness in the Somaliland context.  Because of this thoughtful consideration of new models, we are able to become competent as staff in using methods that work best in our situation.
  2. To pass on our learning to other like-minded professionals in our city and region.  We make free training available to those who desire to learn more about the best practices in treating and developing the lives of Special Needs Students.  This type of training builds the competency of the greater social services infrastructure in Hargeisa.  We have been highly encouraged by the results and continue to see competency development as a key to the future.

Autism Program

Ubad Gargaar is one of a very few organizations in our city working tirelessly to address the needs of children on the Autistic Spectrum.  Ubad Gargaar continues to be a leading service provider for autistic children and their families.  The Center primarily utilizes the SCERTS model for autism, focusing on developing a child’s Social and Communication skills.  Emotional Dysregulation is a typical challenge for those dealing with autism, thus working toward emotional regulation is an essential task.  Also, we continue to address the issues of Transactional Support, creating ways and developing tools to help children and their families gain ground in their social skills, their communication efforts, and in positive emotional responses.  Currently, Ubad Gargaar runs a morning program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and for the purposes of on-gong staff training.  Primarily, we receive and serve children between the ages of 4-8.

Physical Therapy

Our certified physical therapist and trained nursing staff provide professional physical therapy services to the children, at the center, four days a week. This includes both stretching and utilizing physical therapy equipment according to the individual needs of each child. In addition, in order to supplement the services the children receive at the center, the caregivers are provided with training in performing the basic stretches and exercises to utilize at home during the days the children do not come to the center for therapy.

Occupational Therapy

The Center has recently added occupational therapy services to our afternoon program.  Our professional staff works with each child and family to evaluate their current developmental status and then to set and work together towards developmental goals using appropriate activities, exercises, and equipment. Caregivers are trained and encouraged to use the activities and exercises at home to provide continuity and enhance progress towards increased independence.  Family involvement with occupational therapy is a prerequisite for placement in the program.

Family Empowerment

Ubad Gargaar has a primary wholistic focus, working with both children and their families.  We recognize the majority of a child’s life is spent outside of the Center, at home.  While initially parents often feel overwhelmed by the challenges of providing for the needs of their developmentally disabled child, they find support and encouragement from staff at our Center.  Ubad Gargaar offers training for parents, home visitations by a social worker, as well as training focused on meeting felt needs which occur at home.  Often this training presents practical methods of working on social, communication, and emotional regulation issues.  For children with physical disabilities, the UBUNTU model is taught to parents, focusing on knowing the child’s needs, body positioning, eating and drinking, movement, communication, play, everyday activities, belonging and togetherness, and interaction in community.

Malnutrition Program

The center, in partnership with World Vision and World Food Program, has established a malnutrition program to address the nutrition needs of the children we serve. Each child is assessed using the World Health Organization (WHO) child growth standards to determine their nutritional status. Based on these results, an individualized nutrition plan is prepared for each child. Our nutritionist works one-on one with the child and caregiver to provide nutritional training as well as ongoing support as they work towards establishing a healthy diet and overcoming the debilitating effects of malnutrition.

Professional Development

While the vision and desire for professional development and competency is an ongoing goal for Hargeisa’s progressive social service and health care professionals, there is also a specific focus on developing the knowledge and practice of our staff at the Ubad Gargaar Center.  We require thorough prerequisite training for those who are hired as staff.  Most of our staff come to us as university graduates, from the fields of social work, community health, nursing, and teaching.  We are committed to build on the background each staff member brings to us, in order to equip them for long-term success in working with our kids and families.  We continue to be encouraged by the depth of the development of our staff as they take what they learn from training into the workplace setting.

Transport Program

Ubad Gargaar is blessed with the ability to provide free transportation for the children who utilize our center.  Bus shuttles run both in the morning and afternoon, picking up children, safely delivering them to the Center.  They are also returned home in the same manner.  Likewise, children and parents from the afternoon program are provided with free transportation.  We recognize that transportation is an extremely helpful service for families struggling with economic burdens as well as logistical issues which may make transportation difficult for them.  Our drivers are trained professionals in the realm of special needs care and are accompanied by trained adult helpers who also ride the bus in order to supervise.

Developmental disabilities have not been traditionally well understood or addressed in our social and cultural context.  Lack of parental and family understanding, issues of poverty, worldview perspectives have led to inadequate responses in the past toward the proper treatment and resourcing of the developmentally disabled community.   Community advocacy addresses a large gap in society.  We believe in being the voice of those who are unable to self- advocate.  We work on a regular basis with the federal and local government, petitioning for resources to empower this forgotten community.  We spend time showing community leaders our Center and helping them develop their knowledge on the client system we serve.  Through our visiting social work program, we are able to advocate in neighborhoods, raising awareness and understanding of special needs children.  Advocacy is part of our purposed responsibility to see positive change in community regarding the view and treatment of kids with developmental disabilities.  Our aim is to leave a legacy of understanding and change.

Community Advocacy

Autism Program
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