Post: Suldaan’s Journey: Overcoming Autism’s Challenges and Thriving


Sultan’s journey at the Ubad Gargaar Special Needs Children Center began when he was just three years old. At that time, his only means of communication was through tears, and he faced significant challenges in social interaction and emotional regulation. To compound matters, Sultan also encountered misunderstanding and stigma from his community and even his own family due to a lack of awareness about his condition.

However, Sultan’s story took a remarkable turn with the unwavering support and dedication of the Ubad Gargaar team. Recognizing Sultan’s potential and the importance of addressing his unique needs, they embarked on a journey of growth and development tailored specifically to him.

Central to Sultan’s progress was the comprehensive speech and language therapy program provided by the center. Through patient and dedicated therapy sessions, Sultan began to break through the barriers of communication. From simple gestures and cries, Sultan gradually learned to express himself using words and phrases, unlocking a world of possibilities for connection and understanding.

In addition to speech therapy, Sultan received specialized support in emotional regulation. Through targeted interventions and individualized coaching, Sultan learned valuable strategies for managing his emotions and navigating social interactions. Over time, Sultan’s confidence grew, and he began to engage more comfortably with his peers and family members, forging meaningful connections and friendships.

Furthermore, the Ubad Gargaar center played a crucial role in educating Sultan’s community and family about autism spectrum disorder. Through workshops, outreach programs, and community events, misconceptions were dispelled, and understanding and acceptance flourished. Sultan’s family became strong advocates for his needs, providing him with the love and support he needed to thrive.

Martha Rivera
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