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Ubad Gargaar Special Needs Center was established in 2019 as a result of an unmet felt need from within the local community.  There was an increasing demand from parents of special needs children looking for competent service providers.  Ubad Gargaar initially focused on meeting the needs of children with physical disabilities, specifically providing services for children with Cerebral Palsy.  After marked success in this endeavor, we expanded to caring for the needs of children with Autism, Downs Syndrome and other developmental disabilities.  Currently, UbadGargaar and the Learning Center is registered under the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of National Planning and Development. We are poised to make a meaningful impact within our city and region.

Vision and Mission

The ongoing vision of Ubad Gargaar is to be the most highly trained provider of professional special needs services for children and their families throughout Somaliland.  For each client we work with, we seek to provide an individualized treatment plan focused on improving their quality of life and well-being.  Our activities are wholistic, working with both the child and family.

We have an eye on the future.  Our current facility s reached full capacity and there is a need to expand.  The government of Somaliland has gifted our organization with land in order to build a new facility in order to increase our services.  Architects have already drawn up plans for an expanded facility catering to both physical disabilities and children with developmental difficulties.  As this new facility is developed, it will serve as our competency center for education, treatment and training.  We continue to advocate for a vision to establish smaller regional facilities located throughout the city of Hargeisa and eventually into other parts of the country.

Core Values

Our commitment to excellence and innovation extends beyond the physical walls of our workspaces. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for our team members, regardless of where they are located. Our shared values and goals unite us, creating a cohesive and inspiring work culture that propels us forward. As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to providing exceptional spaces for our team remains unwavering. Our work environments reflect the values that define us, fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

Apart from the educational and therapy focal points, Ubad-Gargaar conducts community mobilizations to increase the level of understanding of Special Needs Children, and that thoseliving with Autism and other forms of disabilities have the right to education, health and wellbeing.  The Center offers all services free of any charges and does not discriminate against any child on any ground whatsoever. We often network with certified medical professionals who can provide specific treatment that our Center may not offer.

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